Most Popular!

Progressive Dinner Stroll

    Walk from restaurant to restaurant to meet the chefs and enjoy their signature dishes.
    - Explore one of three historic areas
    - Small groups only
    - Unique dishes at each stop

Up in Smoke SA

    Taste the smoke in every bite.
    - Learn tips from San Antonio’s barbecue gurus
    - Old-school and modern Q delights
    - Deluxe transportation and small group experience

Tex-Mex Tour

    Eat, laugh, and learn as you explore Tex-Mex traditions.
    - Visit an “old school” masa shop!
    - Small group tours
    - Deluxe transportation

Barbecue Road Trip

    Take a tasting trip of a lifetime as you wind through Texas’s legendary Q spots.
    - Deluxe transportation means no driving or parking hassles
    - Get messy with ribs, brisket, sausage and more
    - Discover why Texas barbecue is famous!

Anything BUT Tex-Mex

    Discover San Antonio’s hippest food scene on a progressive dinner tour
    - Experience modern flavors, techniques, ideas and genius
    - Meet the chefs making it happen
    - Small groups and deluxe transportation

Dulces for the Dulce

    Sweets for the sweet never tasted so fine.
    - Travel in style
    - Enjoy beautiful, memorable treats
    - Meet the confectioners/bakers
Hands-on Activities!

Viva Tamales!

    Explore the wonder of authentic tamales.
    - Try your hand at wrapping tamales
    - Taste a variety of flavors, from savory to sweet
    - Small groups and deluxe transportation