Opinions. Insight. Information. Food history. Enthusiasm. Love.

That’s because I’ve been writing about San Antonio’s food and dining scene, officially and formally, for more than 11 years. My assignments have given me liberty to chat freely with chefs, bakers, restaurant owners, artisanal food producers, farmers, chicken ranchers, plus cattle-men and cattle-women. I feel close to many, intimate with only a few.

I recently stepped down as the monthly restaurant reviewer for San Antonio Magazine. Yet because I still operate Food Chick Tours, an active boutique food tour business, I intend to stay just as embedded in the food world as I ever was. I plan to keep exploring foods from around the world, tasting new products, developing my own kitchen skills. Because knowing what’s going on makes my tours more interesting. And in the end, fascinating content is the most important component of a food tour.

I look forward to sharing my opinions, insights, information, food history, enthusiasm and love with you on a semi-regular basis. I hope you’ll find some of it fun, and much of it enriching.

Until the next course,


Here’s a prime example of a dish that was served on one of my tours: Buttered radishes with crunchy sea salt from Chef Heather Nanez. I loved it so much I learned to make it. Now it’s a staple for my own parties. (But hers is still better.)